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The attacking repertoire for Club Players series has more than 1000 sales and received excellent reviews. Check out the courses here:

FM Midas is working on more courses for tactics and opening for the beginner and Club player level.

Chessable user: Moaunter

I picked this up when it came out as I really enjoyed the authors white repertoire. In a handful of lines, this course also deals with the bulk of non e4 lines you will face. As a practical weapon that isn’t that dubious, the Albin Counter gambit is going to shock d4/c4 players. They all prepare for the horrible englund gambit but have little time to learn this gambit, which is easy to learn and feels sort of principled (a gambit against a gambit). Great course, videos are terrific.

Chessable user: SebThePleb

This course just to summarize is simply amazing, i hope to see more like this amazing one!!

Chessable user: D3RP_BLU3

See my review on Ratsma’s 1.e4 repertoire, which captures in a bit more detail the reasons I have been so happy with Ratsma’s work, all the same praise applies here. -as per my last review, Ratsma nailed the needs of a 1600 player.
-lines are well selected on a) frequency at 1600 level b) manageability in terms of learning c) dangerousness for your opponent
-his teaching is crystal clear. This guy clearly understands the minds of us sub 1600 noobs
-compared to other chessable courses (of which I own a very silly amount), this is by far the MOST PRACTICAL for using both on the chessable platform (the quickstarter can be whipped through in 5-10m to jog your brain for a blitz session) and in terms of in-game results (because you actually see the stuff you’re drilling all the time)

Chessable user: Fenelzina

Course rating: 10/10
TL;DR: This repertoire is the best on Chessable for beginners (specially 1000-1500 FIDE ELO) that want to adquire a solid chess principles and tactic vision. Plers over 1600-1700 FIDE ELO could find dimishing returns, as there is a low coverage of most critical responses.

Chessable user: Audsquad

I feel, for the first time, like I know what I am doing when I start a game as White, and as soon as Midas’s similar course for Black comes out, I will be a consistently better player, I am quite sure. Midas is an excellent teacher! He has noticeably increased my love for the game!

Chessable user: Aypapi

The thing that makes this course stand apart from other beginner oriented ones, is the inclusion of whites misplays as learnable lines instead of clickables. The repetition makes you ultra solid, when white deviates from best play and you know how to punish them, whereas with other courses you probably only know that white deviated but can’t seem to punish them for it. Great course and best introduction for people wanting to start with e5.

Chessable user: D3RP_BLU3

Although I haven’t put in a tonne of reps on this course yet, I own and use a lot of opening courses on Chessable and can say without a doubt that this is the BEST 1.e4 repertoire for the beginner/casual level. Why?
1. Follows good classical developmental principles and not computery lines- center control and development — =easy to remember and easy to follow the ideas and plans

2.INCREDIBLE parsimony between the different 1.e4 responses.Ratsma was able to do an astonishing job here in finding similar opening responses across 1.e4 to keep the plans, strategies and even the tactics similar.

3. Line depth & Selection– here you can actually tell this author has done his research to show you how to maximize your efficiency in learning lines that are a) likely to show up and b) common mistakes on both sides that can help you net/avoid quick wins/losses.

Chessable user: Simplejo

This is by far the most entertaining opening course I have ever done on Chessable. If you are rated below 2000 then you will have loads of fun playing these aggressive and trappy lines that put constant pressure on Black. Tactics are explained very well and you even get targeted tactics drills for each opening. Also very much enjoy the videos which are to the point and not too complicated. Wish there were more courses specifically made for club players! Bravo!

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