Group lessons

Group lessons are a fun way to learn chess with your friends. All students receive access to our opening courses, videos, and weekly homework puzzles. Group lessons from Midas are 1.5 hours each on Skype in English or Dutch. The group sizes range from 2 to 4 students. You have to sign up for the lessons with a group. The lessons can be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings or Tuesday, Thursday, Friday daytime (CET times). You are welcome to join a free 30-minute introduction session with your group! 

Prices per person

2 Students

5 x 1.5 Hours


3 Students

5 x 1.5 Hours


4 Students

5 x 1.5 Hours


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The Chess Community

Feel free to reach out for any questions and to book individually or group chess lessons.

Midas Ratsma Fide Master – (Wolfje95) / (Wolfje95)