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My name is Dries Wedda; in September 2020, I reached my peak FIDE rating of 2246. In May 2020, I was chosen as the coach of the month on Cochess as it is my passion to improve your chess. I focus not only on limiting your weaknesses (“a chain is as strong as its weakest link”) but also on increasing your strengths (“focus on your talents”). The individual lessons will be on Zoom and in English or Dutch. During the introduction session, we will develop a personal training plan. Dries is also available on weekends and during evenings. 

Omar (Cochess)

Dries has been an incredible help with analyzing my games and suggesting resources for improving. I’ve often heard game analysis without an engine is the best way to improve but doing the analysis myself is difficult. When reviewing games with Dries he points out things that I would have never considered. We often look at the resulting position after the opening and discuss the nuances of the pawn structure, something I’d never done before. I now find myself considering pawn structure in all types of positions (not just openings), and it’s improving my game a ton

Thijs (Cochess)

My son had a lesson from Dries. Even though he is already an intermediate/advanced, player he still learned a lot from Dries in his first online lesson. My son liked how he had to think of variations and that Dries saw lots of combinations before he did. Dries took the time to analyze some games in advance. Recommended and we’ll definitely do a 2nd lesson!

Ian (Cochess)

Dries is fantastic. After one lesson, I already feel I have improved a lot. I also want to acknowledge that he clearly spent a lot of time preparing for our lesson as he found about 10 of my games and analyzed all of them. The level of dedication and genuine interest in my improvement was obvious and appreciated. He’s the man, and I am excited to continue working with him.

Leonie (Cochess)

Had an amazing first lesson with Dries. he was very patient, he explained everything clearly and in detail which helped me understand concepts much more easily. I’m already looking forward to my next lesson with him 😀


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