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I am Krisztian Szabo, International Chess Grandmaster, multiple times Hungarian Champion, European Champion, World Youth Championship silver medalist and former member of the adult national team. For me chess is fun and I am obsessed with the game. I am one of the lucky ones whose job is also their fun. At the age of 20, I achieved what I am most proud of, the Grandmaster title. My goal is to pass on the Grandmaster’s approach in addition to professionalism for children and adults, since it is at least as important to think as a strategist as learning the chess moves. My goal is to develop children’s concentration, strategic thinking, memory, logic, coordinational skills, team spirit and foresight in a playful manner, without fail, while allowing students nationwide to enjoy the opportunities of free thinking.


Krisztian is an awesome coach with a nice personality and cheerful attitude! I’ve learned a lot of great opening traps and mid-game strategies which I have used to crush my opponents both online and over the board. With Krisztian I have quickly gained several hundred rating points and am continuing to improve, I highly recommend him as a coach!

Sean (

GM Krisztian Szabo is a perfect coach. He is a super opening specialist. With his help, I could achieve 3 GM Norms.

Abdul ( abdul9834)

Krisztian has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the game of chess and is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend that you select him as your chess teacher. I have had a great experience working with Krisztian. My rating has consistently climbed and he is a very fun and pleasant person to work with. You’re in for a treat when you work with Krisztian. Not only will your chess skills improve, but his way of teaching will also help to kindle your passion for chess. 


Mike (

I’ve been working with Kristzian for several months now. I greatly enjoy our lessons – he is extremely knowledgeable, presents theory and content in easy to understand ways, and provides fantastic feedback on my games and Chess questions. I now have a robust set of Opening Repertoires, an understanding of key end-game positions, and a better eye for tactics. My chess rating has been steadily increasing as a result! Thank you Kristzian.



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