Coach Midas

My name is Midas! I am a Dutch FIDE master and full-time chess coach currently teaching more then 20 students from 7 to 90 years old from all over the world. It’s my passion to make you improve in chess. My lessons will not only aim to make you a better chess player, but also teaches you how to use the best books, websites and tools so that you know how to keep improving even when the lessons are over. The individual lessons will be on Zoom and are given in English or Dutch. During the introduction session, we will develop a personal training plan.


Single Lesson (-0%)

1 Hour


Small Package (-10%)

10 x 1 Hour


Medium Package (-15%)

10 x 1.5 Hours


Large package (-20%)

10 x 2 Hours


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Feel free to reach out for any questions and to book individually or group chess lessons.

Midas Ratsma Fide Master – (Wolfje95) / (Wolfje95)