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Are you struggling at opening knowledge? Do you need advice when it comes to middlegame planning? Are your tactical abilities unbalanced, and you are not sure how to properly calculate moves? Do you need help when it comes to finishing up a game in endgames? If the answer is yes, then it’s okay if you want to take coaching, I should be able to help you to solve these problems.

Hello! My name is Mihailo Djokic from a FIDE-Master from Serbia. I am 20 years old and have been playing chess since I was four years old, with serious training starting at the age of twelve. I use these many years of experience as my main tool for helping my students improve. A passion for helping people improve is what drives my teaching. I will work with students of any level, whether you want to beat your neighbor or become a master, I will do my best to make you a better player and reach your goals!

Ryan (Lichess:RyanCoudleKing)

Excellent and very passionate teacher. Speaks eloquently and competently about attacking chess and is able to easily answer any questions. Lately he’s encouraged me to text him any questions I have throughout the week and he always gives very detailed answers. He’s also provided me with a lot of great resources for learning opening theory.

Milan (Lichess:Milanrad)

Very caring and passionate coach – he will tailor the coaching specifically for you and help you improve as well as give you knowledge how to improve yourself. His communication is professional and he respects the student. For me, he was very skilled in opening theory and analyzing middlegame mistakes. I climbed quickly after just a few lessons with Mihailo. I would absolutely recommend to others and I will continue to take more lessons.

Stefan (Lichess:ROBOTMANv2)

Really surprised by how passionate and dedicated Mihailo is in coaching in chess in general. Even though he is only 19, he is extremely mature and well versed in teaching students of any rating. He has a wonderfully positive mindset, and it really helps to motivate me when I’m feeling down from blundering or whatever the case may be. If you like a very flexible, passionate, and dedicated coach – Mihailo is your man 100%

Henning (Lichess:heykey89)

I am a beginner player and Mihailo has really helped me with my strategic thinking and developing a plan for my attacks.
We did tactics training as well and he has fantastic insight in tactics and concepts high into the 2k ratings. He even helped me grasp tactics way over my own rating.
Highly recommended!

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