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Nowadays, there are many popular platforms to study and play chess; the most famous websites are Chessable, Chess.com and Lichess! What’s is unique about TheChessCommunity?

TheChessCommunity offers affordable lessons from passionate coaches and makes it possible to meet new online chess friends and training partners. Our mission is to provide the best coaches and content for beginner, casual and intermediate level players!

Chessable offers fanatic courses also given by the strongest grandmasters in the world. The courses include video explanations and a move trainer to study openings. Midas published a popular opening series with an attacking repertoire for club players. You can use these courses to master the openings and aim to get a winning position early on.

On chess.com, a premium membership will surely give you access to many high-quality instructive videos. A chess.com premium membership does provide you with access to all their content. Downsides? There is no move trainer to study your openings, and chess.com offers less opening content compared to Chessable. During lessons, the coaches from TheChessCommunity analyze your online chess.com games with you! Also, we can make an opening tree from all your chess.com games and discover mistakes you frequently made in the opening.

Lichess is great! It’s not a website where you can study chess with video courses; however, they have the best playing environment and tools like an interactive analysis board. TheChessCommunity uses Lichess studies to upload your homework exercises and analyze your games on an interactive board. On Lichess, it’s also possible to make an opening tree of all your games and explore the frequent mistakes. Furthermore, you can upload the games you want to analyze during a lesson and already try to analyze your games by yourself before the lesson has started!

So what’s unique about TheChessCommunity? We offer affordable lessons from passionate and professional coaches. We give you the unique opportunity to make new chess friends and take group lessons. Our training method combines the tools from the biggest chess learning platforms with our collection of video courses and puzzles to enhance your journey to chess mastery.

The Chess Community

Feel free to reach out for any questions and to book individually or group chess lessons.

Midas Ratsma Fide Master – midasratsma@gmail.com

Chess.com (Wolfje95) / Lichess.com (Wolfje95)

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