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Dries and Midas are giving the lessons in English or Dutch. Krisztian is teaching in English and Hungarian and Mihailo in English and Serbian. Dries is elected as coach of the month in May 2021 on CoChess with a peak FIDE rating of 2246. Mihailo is a FIDE master from Serbia with plently of experience in coaching! Krisztian is grandmaster, former European and multiple times Hungarian champion and as an elite coach his passion is to pass on the grandmaster approach to you in his lessons.   Midas is a FIDE master and full-time chess coach and developer of chess content and Chessable courses,  currently teaching about 20 students ranging from beginner to 2000 level from all over the world. You can only take lessons if you are an ambitious student who wants weekly lessons at a regular time.

Limited spots available for lessons from Midas and Krisztian. Temporary 20% discount for lessons from Mihailo! 


What you get

training method

Personal Plan

We look at which openings you should study, how to improve your tactics and calculations, and which part of your game needs the most improvement.


Game Analysis

We analyse your games with you. We can look at tournament games, competition games, and online games on your favorite chess platform.

Exercises & Homework

We offer opening courses with video instructions and a move trainer as well as tactical puzzles. It is essential to build your opening repertoire and master all the tactical concepts like forks, pins, double attacks, discovered attacks, and mating patterns.

Antoine (Chess.com: Cyrus1974)

The mere speed at which I am improving is in my opinion quite astonishing. When I started taking lessons with Midas in August, I was rated 950 on chess.com. Now, in early December of the same year, I am going on 1500 and I regularly beat friends and family rated 1500-1600.

Rob (Chess.com: Robby83)

Midas is a great teacher and his lessons are very enjoyable. My playing has improved a lot and I enjoy the game of chess even more now.

Joe (Lichess.com: ShandorDD)

Midas is a great instructor! He takes the time to review my games, suggests areas of focus, and provides comprehensive instruction. He creates a lot of bonus content as well that supplements and strengthen his in person teachings. He’s flexible and is excellent in small group environments, giving each student personal attention. I look forward to his weekly videos and puzzles that he provides. If you are looking for instruction, I would encourage you to consider him as your teacher.

Antoine (Chess.com: Cyrus1974)

Midas is really an awesome teacher and I look forward to smashing the 2000 elo barrier and getting my CM title with him. If you are looking to up your game with an outstanding chess coach, don’t look any further than Midas.

Pascal (Chess.com: OffLuna)

Four months ago I started with chess lessons by Midas. Since then, my chess playing really improved and my rating went up to the highest level ever. Midas taught me how to look, where to look for and what the best moves are in a specific situation. It really deepened my understanding of chess. I’m looking forward to learn more from Midas!

Antoine (Chess.com: Cyrus1974)

Over the years I’ve had many teachers for many different subjects and activities, and I can safely say that Midas is one of, if not the best I have ever had

Siebe (Chess.com: sgrefhorst)

In 10 lessons my rating increased from 850 to 1150. Midas is a very nice teacher with a great ability to share his knowlegde.

Ben (Chess.com: imconfusedn0w)

Coaching experience with Midas was excellent, very inciteful clear ideas on chess and how to improve. I found him friendly and patient. My rating improved around 100 points.

Matthew (Chess.com: Schwatz)

Taking lessons from Midas has been a pleasure. Over 10 lessons my rating improved over 100 points. Midas is excellent at teaching the game to beginners and great at explaining tactics. He is flexible and cares about his students. I would highly recommend learning from him!

Marieke (Chess.com: FinchEye)

I have been taking weekly chess lessons from Midas for a few months now, and I’m very happy with the lessons! Midas is a patient and kind teacher, and he is very good at adjusting explanations to the student’s level. He also sends weekly chess videos to his students that are very nice to watch. Lessons usually consist of discussing chess puzzles first, and then analyzing my own finished games to see where I can improve. I definitely recommend Midas if you’re looking for chess lessons! 🙂

Michelangelo (Chess.com: mic_chalu)

If you’re looking to improve, and possibly intimidated by seeking out a coach, then Midas is the right coach for you. He’s a natural teacher–patient, warm, and knowledgeable. He provides you with so many resources to expand your skills as a player. Honestly, the only downside I’ve experienced with Midas as my teacher is that he helped me improve my chess so much that my friends don’t want to play with me anymore.

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